It's Never Too Early for Seasonal Corporate Gifting Planning - A Sneak Peak at Perch Home Holiday Gifts 2024

It's Never Too Early for Seasonal Corporate Gifting Planning - A Sneak Peak at Perch Home Holiday Gifts 2024

While the calendar has turned to May and the December holidays seem far, far away, it’s time to start planning for 2024 Holiday Gifting. By beginning the planning process early, you can ensure a smooth and successful execution of your corporate gift-giving plans. Perch Home is here to assist you the upcoming holiday season and attaining your 2024 corporate gifting goals.


Customization Takes Time

At Perch Home, our mission is to offer our clients truly meaningful corporate gifts that reflect and uphold their brand values. We take great pride in sourcing from small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses, all in the pursuit of creating the most exquisite gifting experience imaginable. Every gift we curate is done so with the utmost care and thoughtfulness, all in an effort to honor and celebrate your corporate ethos. 

If you plan to take advantage of our fully customizable gift-curation services, it’s important to start planning early. We work with our clients to make gifting easy and provide multiple options to do this…personalized shopping portals, ready-to-ship and semi-custom for quick turnaround with branding and as well as our fully customizable boxes for a totally one of a kind presentation. Please keep in mind, full customization can take several weeks, so it's important to plan ahead, especially for holiday gifting. Our team of expert curators is here to assist you in every step of the way, ensuring that your corporate gift is not only meaningful and beautiful but also fully reflective of your brand


Planning Ahead Saves Time and Money

When you start thinking about corporate gifts early, you have more time to research and compare different options, and select unique, hand-made and small batch gifts which may take longer to source.  By planning ahead, you can also avoid rush fees for expedited holiday shipping or last-minute orders.

Availability of Items

Perch Home understands that each client has unique brand values that they wish to uphold. That's why we take a personalized approach to corporate gift curation, working closely with you to understand your brand identity and core values. 

Perch Home knows that disposable swag and mass-produced gifts may be easy to obtain but often get discarded and are neither memorable nor environmentally responsible. By starting your planning process early, you can give your clients and employees meaningful, locally-sourced and socially-conscious holiday gifts that reflect your company’s values and foster a deeper connection with your employees and customers.

Logistics Planning

Our attention to detail is our trademark and it can be yours too! We have worked with corporations to seamlessly deliver over 4,000 employee holiday appreciation gifts, coordinated with real-estate agents who need custom, locally branded presents, and delighted brides who need beautiful packaging designed to impress. 

Depending on the size and number of your corporate gifts, logistics planning can take some time to ensure that gifts are in a manner that reflects your ethos and design. By starting early - and trusting Perch Home to manage this process - you can ensure that your holiday gifts will arrive beautifully and seamlessly to each of your recipients.


Choose Perch Home & Co

Perch Home understands the importance of early planning and can provide valuable insights and assistance during this corporate gifting process. 

By starting now - and choosing Perch Home as your corporate gift-giving partner - your company can save valuable money and time. Our corporate clients trust us to research and select unique corporate gifts as well as handle all packaging, shipping, inventory management, and quality control tasks.

Reach out to Perch Home today to begin your corporate holiday gift planning and make this year's holiday gifting exceptional.