Marketing Case Study: Elevating Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes

Marketing Case Study: Elevating Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes

Client Background:

Our corporate gifting journey took an exciting turn when a prominent Danish company, boasting a large US headquarters, approached us to curate a special holiday gift box for their dedicated employees. The challenge? To infuse the essence of their home country while showcasing support for small and minority-owned businesses.


In the midst of the pandemic's second year, the significance of a nurturing home environment on well-being and work-life balance couldn't be clearer. Drawing inspiration from the Danish concept of 'Hygge'—the embodiment of coziness and contentment—we embarked on a mission to create a unique gift box for the company's 100th-year celebration, acknowledging the resilience of its workforce amid unprecedented global challenges.

The Curation Process:

  • Artisan Collaboration: Leveraging our network of artisans and local businesses stemming from 20 years of retail experience with our storefront in Maplewood, New Jersey, we carefully selected items reflecting the warmth and well-being associated with Hygge.
  • Proposal Approval: After presenting a detailed proposal to our client, encompassing each element of the gift box, we received the green light to proceed.
  • Meticulous Packaging: With the client's trust as our guiding principle, we meticulously assembled over 4,000 gift boxes, ensuring each one reflected our trademark attention to detail and conveyed to each recipient how much they are valued and appreciated by their company.

Contents of the Gift Box:

  • Portable Fire Pit (City Bonfires): Crafted by founders who turned job loss during the pandemic into opportunity, these portable bonfires are made from earth-friendly materials, emphasizing recyclability and ease of use.

  • S'mores Kit (Palmer's Bakehouse): A local, woman and minority-owned business, Palmer's crafted handmade vanilla bean marshmallows packaged with graham crackers, and chocolate for a delectable mini s'mores kit.

  • Orange Clove Hot Toddy Mix (Oliver Pluff & Co): A veteran-owned business from South Carolina, Oliver Pluff specializes in preserving traditional teas and coffee blends, including the aromatic and comforting Orange Clove Hot Toddy Mix.

  • Tartan Wool Scarf (Bronte Moon): Imported by the woman-owned Bronte Moon, these scarves are crafted from 100% Merino Lambswool, providing warmth and timeless design.

  • The Little Book of Hygge: Authored by Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, this book explores the concept of hygge with research, photographs, recipes, and ideas for adding a touch of coziness to everyday life.

  • Company Pin: Enclosed within a customized holiday cracker, this pin celebrates the company's remarkable 100-year anniversary.

Presentation & Packaging:

Every item in the gift box was meticulously arranged for a cohesive and visually pleasing presentation. Upon opening, recipients were greeted by The Little Book of Hygge at the center, symbolizing the Danish inspiration. Beneath a layer of seasonal tissue paper, the portable fire pit took the spotlight, surrounded by the s'mores kit, hot toddy mix, and conversation cards. S'mores sticks, bundled with a "Thank You" tag, added a thoughtful touch. The tartan scarf, wrapped with the holiday cracker, invited recipients to savor each element. Cinnamon sticks provided a sensory enhancement to the unboxing experience.

This intentional packaging wasn't just about safeguarding the contents; it was a curated experience aimed at creating a memorable gift-opening moment. Every detail reflected our client's genuine appreciation for their employees.

Personal Touch and Communication:

Included in each box was a heartfelt letter from company leadership, expressing gratitude for employees' hard work and congratulating them on their role in a successful and historical year for the company. Additionally, a 'vendor story' card was included, inviting recipients to delve deeper into the narratives of the small-business owners whose items filled the gift box. This thoughtful inclusion aimed to strengthen the connection between the company, its employees, and the local businesses contributing to the gift box. It added a personal touch and reinforced the narrative of support for small enterprises.

Environmental Responsibility Pledge:

As commitment to environmental responsibility, each gift box included a pledge from Perch Home on behalf of the client to offset 13,000 pounds of carbon. This initiative aligns with our dedication to sustainability, contributing to a healthier planet for future generations. By incorporating this pledge, the client company conveyed not only the importance of employee well-being but also their dedication to making a positive impact on the environment.